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A movie created with a combined vision of a newbie director and a content oriented producer. Ready to change the experience of audience,who are awaiting to have a scintillating view in the theaters. A risk taken to produce a content oriented picture to the masses. Dream project to make audience buckled to cinema.

Adaka Venkateshwara Rao

Managing Director

Abhay Adaka


Venkatesh Adaka


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To produce and distribute innovative, award-winning, blockbuster entertainment projects with grand production values that’ll match International standards.


We aspire to produce films that will not merely entertain, but would provoke emotion and reflection, incite action, and have long-lasting effects on those who experience them.

Our Values
  • Artist-Run: Promoting artistic achievement and excellence
  • Creative liberty: Providing a platform for expression to a wide range of voices and approaches, supporting the filmmaker as an artistic creator
  • Film: Fostering the use and appreciation of motion picture film as an artistic medium, alongside supporting work in digital approaches
  • Diversity: The content created must be reflective of our culture.
  • Innovation: Promoting creativity and new directions and ideas in the world of Cinema.

Award Winning Crew

Professional Crew

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Filmmakers about the movie

I was super excited for this project, as Mr. Srikanth’s character has many shades. And for a make up artist it’s a fun challenge, to give an actor multiple convincing transformations into the character they are playing. This belief is mandatory for the audience as well. - Jaywant Thakre

I was very impressed by the script and therefore I have given an instant nod. My role in the film has ample importance. I am extremely happy to play a key role in such an amazing story. Despite being new to direction, director Jai Raaja Singh has readied a wonderful script.. - Srikanth

When choosing for movies, I opt for the one’s where we have characters with distinct personalities. It’s my first time in the South and the medical thriller genre of Marshal is what convinced me to take up this project. I’ve created multiple looks for actors to suit their characters with evolving story line. I’m looking forward to the release! - Subodh Srivastava

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the story of Action, Thriller and Love
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