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Medical Thriller Genre:
For the first time in Telugu cinema, we are presenting a Medical Thriller. The alluring narrative and the thrilling suspense of solving the clue to prove the innocence of an individual, is sure to keep the audience on edge.
The brilliant character possess eyes for details of forensics and evidence, along with the intelligence and instinct to solve the riddle and obtain the clues crucial for the mission.

Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions:
This movie not only offers you the suspense and mystery of medical thriller genre, it also will draw you to the dilemma of humanity and family drama. That despite what happens family are bound by blood and important in our life. Thus Marshal, will not only deliver the horror of medicinal epidemic with unknown cures but also the personal struggle of the individual if the key of the world survival falls on their family member.

Explosive Twists:
 What happens when the person you Trust with your life, becomes the reason for endangering it?
 The person you worship and hail high, does he really deserve it?
 How many sides does the character have?
All this and a lot more questions will be answered as many twists and turns await you. No one would have seen this coming!

Action Sequences:
The action sequences have been designed by awarding winning Stunt Master duo. These power packed scenes are timed for 20-30 mins of the movie’s run time.
Forget about the little exchanges of fists, feet, or bullets. It’s all about the major punch, kick, and high intensity chase shots that move the sequence forward!
The elements of action have been crafted to depict the character getting hurt, showing the pain, the emotion, fighting back, while showcasing the element of danger and life threatening situations.

CGI Effects:
Top notch CGI effects have been used to create Spectacular Lab and other scenes of around 40 mins. The technically and visually stunning lab work has been done by HOLLYWOOD ACCLAIMED Creative Director. Some of his notable Hollywood movies are: LORD OF THE RINGS, TRANSFORMERS & TRON
These scenes are sure to transform the audience into a very savvy and realistic Medical lab setup. Visuals will leave the audience in awe of the whole scientific experience.

The songs have been picturized in some of the most Breath-taking locations. Each song has been shot in picturesque backdrops. The aim is to transform the audience to completely different setup, so that they enjoy the mood we intend to evoke as per the beats. The movie goers are in for a treat!

The movies technical work has been done by the extremely talented crew, who has worked on several Bollywood Blockbusters. Some of the notable movies our crew has been part of are:
Having been part of such remarkable projects, they bring their Blockbuster expertise to the table. They are our entry to the hearts of Bollywood lovers, by focusing on the likes of such an audience. This film is sure to win hearts beyond Telugu Cinema audience!

Background Score:
The Background Score has been done by Mr. Ravi Basrur, whose recent blockbuster is ‘KGF’.
He seems to have an invisible touch. As a re-recording mixer, Mr. Ravi has the built-in ability to scope the entire sonic landscape and create an emotional impact that grabs a hold of your heart.




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May 8, 2017